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Fragen und Antworten

Where is It's All Medical Billing located?

It's All Medical Billing is a remote medical billing business based in the US Virgin Islands.

What services does It's All Medical Billing provide?

It's All Medical Billing manages the billing responsibilities of providers who need assistance. The services I provide can be found here.

How much are the services at It's All Medical Billing?

It's All Medical Billing prices for service depends on the client's individual needs. Completion of this questionaire gives me a better overview of the physician/private practitioner's practice. I will follow up with a call upon review of the questionaire to discuss further.

How do I get started if I'm interested in having you bill for me?

To get started, you can complete the provider questionnaire here. This will help me learn about you and your needs and how I can help you.

Why is it important to have a "Certified Medical Biller"?

Certified medical billers are trained to maintain all parts of a provider's revenue cycle. They are certified because they go through hours of training to pass a proficiency exam that tests their knowledge. They're also required to stay current by keeping up on their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). There's no law that require medical billers to be certified, but without the continuous knowledge and education in the medical billing laws and payer requirements, it could affect the provider's reimbursements.

If I work with you, how can my patients and I contact you?

If you become a client, you and your staff can contact me by phone or email to address any questions or concerns. If your located on St. Croix, I can always stop in the office if need be. If you add Patient Customer Service, your patients will have access to my toll-free number to contact me with any questions about their bills.

What type of providers have you billed for?

I have billed for Obstertics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Behavioral Health providers.